EDBT 2000
VII. Conference on Extending Database Technology
March 27-31 2000 · Konstanz - Germany
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Collocated Events

There is more to EDBT 2000 than the core conference itself. EDBT 2000 is accompanied by a number of exciting events which are scheduled prior to or after the conference.

GI FG 2.5.1 DB Special Interest Group Meeting (March 27 (afternoon), 2000)
Meeting held by the German GI database special interest group (Fachgruppe 2.5.1). The meeting will put emphasis on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. To be continued jointly with Swiss SI DBTA on March 28, 2000. The meeting will be held at the University of Konstanz.

GI members: If you plan to attend the GI FG 2.5.1 meeting, please register for this event.

Joint GI FG DB and SI DBTA Meeting (March 28 (morning), 2000)
A joint meeting held by the database special interest groups of the German GI and Swiss SI. The meeting will put emphasis on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. The University of Konstanz will host this joint meeting.

EDBT 2000 Tutorial Program (March 27 (afternoon) and March 28, 2000)
A program of three full-day and three half-day tutorials on topics that make the database world spin these days. Held by renowned experts in their field, especially geared towards the EBDT 2000 audience, including students, researchers, and participants from industry.

EDBT 2000 Ph.D. Workshop (March 31 (afternoon) and April 1, 2000)
A workshop intended to bring together Ph.D. students working on topics related to the EDBT conference series. Present and discuss your Ph.D. research in a constructive and international atmosphere.

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