EDBT 2000
VII. Conference on Extending Database Technology
March 27-31 2000 · Konstanz - Germany
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Photos shot during the Conference

Most of these photos were shot by Bertram Ludäscher using a digital camera. Thanks Bertram!
We have some more photos on disk here. Just drop us a note at info@edbt2000.uni-konstanz.de and we will send you the ZIP archive.

Peter Apers entering the boat Stefano Ceri, Paolo Atzeni, Dana Florescu, Carlo Zaniolo Gio Wiederhold and his wife swinging Hans-Jörg Schek Software Demo booths
Opening session Welcome reception Welcome reception Udo Lipeck, Volker Linnemann, Peter Lockemann, Joachim Schmidt
Klaus Dittrich, Hans-Jörg Schek, Andreas Heuer, Udo Lipeck Torsten Grust, Can Türker Carlo Zaniolo, Fosca Giannotti, Dino Pedreschi, Stefano Ceri Carlo Zaniolo, Bertram Ludäscher Inivited talk
The Konzil Tango performance during the conference dinner More tango ... more tango ... and yet more tango
Rock'n'Roll performance during the conference dinner More rock'n'roll Lunch at the Inselhotel Woops, more rock'n'roll Session in the upper Konzilsaal
Panel Panel Dana Florescu and her panelists Gunter Saake The Dixieman Four rockin' the boat
Marc H. Scholl and the Dixieman Four Marc H. Scholl Cruise on Lake Constance Catriel Beeri, Marc H. Scholl, Paolo Atzeni, Carlo Zaniolo Carlo Zaniolo, Sergio Greco
Converting a beer drinker... Paolo Atzeni giving his dinner speech

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