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How To Get There

Konstanz is located at the shores of Lake Constance in the very south-west of Germany (the conference location actually is only about 500 m away from the border to Switzerland). On a sunny day you have a perfect view of the Alps across the lake.

Zurich Airport (Switzerland). Your best bet is to fly to Zurich Airport. The airport is no farther than 60 km away from Konstanz. The Swiss Railway Network (SBB) connects Konstanz and Zurich Airport. During daytime there is at least one train per hour (train schedule).

Stuttgart Airport (Germany). A viable alternative might be Stuttgart Airport. This airport is about 120 km away but it is nevertheless well connected to Konstanz by the German Bundesbahn AG (DB AG). Trains are scheduled about every hour (train schedule)

Friedrichshafen Airport (Germany). Just across the lake is Friedrichshafen Airport. It does not take more than a 30 minute boat ride from there in order to reach Konstanz. Friedrichshafen is a regional airport, though, and thus exclusively connected to european cities.

Frankfurt Main Airport (Germany). If you have to fly to Frankfurt Main Airport take advantage of the airport's AIRail Terminal, ICE-Line 3. The trip to Konstanz takes about four hours.

Regional train connections (e.g. train rides from Friedrichshafen Airport to Konstanz) are advertised at this site.

A map of Germany

Conference Locations

The Konzil (main conference) will host the informal Get Together on Tuesday evening, the core EDBT 2000 conference, the paper sessions, the software demo track, exhibitions, and the conference registration desk. The medieval Konzil, originally built as a mercantile house, is located directly at the lake-side but nevertheless in perfect walking distance (3 minutes) from the city center as well as the train station.

EDBT 2000
Hafenstrasse 2
D-78462 Konstanz
- Germany -

University of Konstanz (GI/SI meetings, tutorials, PhD workshop) will be host to a number of collocated events and meetings, notably the joint GI/SI database SIG meetings, tutorials, and the EDBT 2000 PhD workshop. The university is situated in the outskirts of Konstanz, built on a hill that juts out next to the lake, but is well connected to the city center by bus lines 9A and 9B.

University of Konstanz
EDBT 2000
Computer and Information Science
Universitätsstrasse 10
D-78464 Konstanz
- Germany -
Konzil, seen from the lake
A bird's eye view of the university

Konstanz City

A map of Konstanz' inner city

From Konstanz station to the Konzil (main conference location). On arrival at Konstanz station (labelled HBF on the left-hand map) you are almost there:

  • Leave the station towards the Bahnhofplatz.
  • Turn right and walk along the Konzilstr. to reach the Konzil after about 300 m (a large medieval building to your right).

From Konstanz station to the University (GI/SI meetings, tutorials, PhD workshop). Once again, Konstanz station is an ideal starting point:

  • Leave the station towards the Bahnhofplatz. The bus station is to the right (labelled on the map).
  • Take bus no. 9A or no. 9B until it reaches the end of the line (directly at the University). Busses go every 15 minutes (bus schedule).


The Konstanz climate is mild, even, and dry. Climatic conditions are also sometimes referred to as mediterranean since the lake acts as a natural heated pool that regulates temperature. Do not expect the swimming season to have already started during EDBT 2000, but you may very likely enjoy sunny days (~ 16-20 °C/61-68 °F) and mild evenings. If you like, check out the current Konstanz weather conditions.

Konstanz and the Lake Constance Region